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Photography Workshops & Courses

Henk offers exceptional photography training because he is not only an accomplished professional photographer but also a passionate photography educator with extensive experience as a lecturer, small group tutor and one-on-one teacher.

Swellendam Winter School Photography Courses

Henk is presenting the following three-day photography courses as part of the Swellendam Winter School (SWS) program this year. These short courses are designed for beginner to intermediate level photography enthusiasts.

Photography Mastery.jpg

Take Better Photos

Learn a few secret fundamentals of photography and you’ll be amazed at the results obtainable from even the most basic camera.

Thanks to the advances in digital photography one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to take
great photos. Join Henk Venter on the Introduction to (digital) photography and he will let you in on a couple of trade secrets and techniques that will take your photography in a new direction.
In this hands-on course, participants will shoot a variety of images from portrait and architecture to landscapes. 

Course dates:

13 August – 15 August

Landscapes of the Overberg.jpg

Landscapes of the Overberg

Join master photographer Henk Venter to shoot the ever-changing landscape of the Overberg. The splendour of the Overberg never disappoints as every season brings with it its own charm and visual beauty. From the intensely yellow canola flowers stretching as far as the eye can see to the unplanted brown monochromatic hills.

In this course, Henk will take you to a few of his secret spots around Swellendam where you will shoot alongside him and have full access to his considerable skill set and comprehensive-yet easy to understand, instruction. 

Course dates:

6 August – 8 August

Visit the Swellendam Winter Schoool (SWS) website for more information and online bookings.

Teaching experience

What makes Henk an exceptional photography instructor? 

Henk is a formally trained photographer with a masters degree in photography. Over the years he has worked as a lecturer, moderator, consultant and course developer at tertiary institutions including Stellenbosch Academy, Tswhane University of Technology and the University of Stellenbosch. 

Henk’s courses and workshops are sought after by photographers of all levels because of his photographic competence, his specialist knowledge and his talent as a photographic educator.

With nearly 15 years of experience working as a photographer, a photographic consultant and a photography lecturer, Henk is a highly accomplished, professional photographic instructor.

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